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Facebook is a PC Hell Hole

Can’t I just say what I want without offending half of my Facebook “friends”?  They are my “friend” right?


Sometimes I just want to say fuck.  And sometimes I want to talk about how fucking done with being a girl with a bloody vagina.  Not “bloody” the way folks from England use the word “bloody”, but “bloody” as in fucking blood streaming out of my vagina “bloody”.  Some days I want to talk about politics and how idiotic some people are with there unwavering commitment to certain platforms.  Then there are the days I want to talk about a t.v. show that is trashy, but fear I could be judged for having a point of view about said t.v. show.

Instead I will continue to post cute/quirky pictures of my kids.

Facebook is a love/hate relationship.  I love to hate the people on there.  They are my “friends”.


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2 thoughts on “Facebook is a PC Hell Hole

  1. soselfindulgent on said:

    Absolutely true! I had something I wanted to post today involving the word “pussy” and I thought better of it. Judgment being passed and all …

  2. Haha. I agree. Though I judge people who are dumbasses on facebook (hence my rant about people on facebook), I wish I could be totally out there, but my family is on it, and my inlaws and some clients, and I feel like it would not be cool. But I agree, there are some times where I wish I didn’t have to be careful.

    I also wish I could call people on their shit via facebook, because there’s so much of it.

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